Proud member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) and the xSPO Alliance

Operator of, and

Stake Pool Metadata Aggregation Servers that highlight the CSPA,  xSPO,  and CMDP (Mission Driven Pools) Alliances

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What we've done

We operate SMASH servers hoping to highlight member pools from the CSPA, xSPO and CMDP -- alliances of pool operators that we believe align with our long-term vision for the growth of Cardano.

The Cardano Single Pool Alliance or CSPA are all members who have pledged to only run one single stake pool, promoting a truly decentralized and vibrant ecosystem of diverse pool operators.

The Mission Driven Pools Alliance or CMDP are all pools that have pledged to donate a minimum of 10% of pool income to deserving charities, promoting Cardano for good globally.

The xSPO Alliance, or xSPO, is made up of any pool operator who chooses to join while their pool has less than 1M ₳ in active stake, working together on promotion, delegator education, and providing a space for SPOs to collaborate and grow (hopefully well beyond the 1M ₳ joining limit).


We want to support our delegate's favorite charities!

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30 December, 2021: PANL donated 1200 ₳ to the Cardano Forest through Veritree.

-- If you want to help us plant more trees, please visit

This donation will contribute to the planting of 1200 trees in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of the Cardano network.

Rotating Delegations

In our mission to support true decentralization, we will always maintain a set of wallets  dedicated to a rotating delegation to other stake pools from the community.

Wallet 1

Current Delegation: [A4G] ADA4GOOD

Reason: Work with the xSPO Alliance, MDP alliance, SPA Alliance, and mission driven, donating 50% of their margin fees to Save the Children every month! Plus distributing WMT to delegators to support a fantastic project aiming to connect the unconnected.

Previous Delegations (please consider these pools):

[ADATA] for contributions to API

Wallet 2 - xSPO rotational delegation program

Current Delegation: [MERO] Mero Cardano Stake Pool

Reason:  This wallet follows along with the rotating delegation program handled by the xSPO member pools. If you would like to learn more, or follow along as well, please join the discord for more information:

Previous Delegations (please consider these pools):